Welcome to IAM Able

IAM ABLE is a division of IAM Ministries that reaches out to the non-abled bodied person and help them discover their worth in God’s Kingdom.  A number of months ago Paul was walking down the street and met a gentleman in a wheel chair.  His name, Chris Burlingame.  After introducing themselves to each other, Paul invited Chris to dinner and a movie later that month.

Since that first encounter, Paul and Chris have invited many others to join them for dinner and a movie at the Regent Mall.  This time of fellowship has grown to over twenty-five participates.  As Paul will tell you it is a Luke 14 Kingdom venture.  Simply going out into the streets to bring in the non-abled people to partner with IAM Ministries and see God’s Kingdom grow.

I AM Able has recently launched the Keith Howell Mobility Trust fund.